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How to Program Gps-Watch ( installation guide)

  • Step1 – Install / Add SIM card in Gps Watch. Valid SIM, without PIN code ( Epic – Primetel – Cablenet – Cyta )
        • CytaVoda have pin code from default ‘1234’ pin code ( take out )
        • SIM card should have credit if PrePay ( 1,2 euro its enough for 1 month)
        • Better beginning use the SIM card for the Gps-Watch on another mobile phone, and test if theer are pin code and if you can make phone calls ( SIM is activate ) more details here…
  • Step2 – Install CityCell Eu app from Google Play or IOS App store
        • Register – New Account, add Correct Email in case you will forget password
        • Log In,  Add first device (register ) (Gps-Watch). Use register number behind of the watch to add on CityCell Eu Application ( manually or scanning QR Code) more details here…
  • Step3 Use CityCell EU App to configure Gps-Watch; contact, time date, phone book, SOS numbers, Alarm, sms, voice message etc.
        • Use CityCell Eu App to follow Gps-Watch location, history position, safety area map, Voice track etc. more details here…  


  • Troubleshooting  – (“no network” ) popup message on Mobile App CityCell-EU..
        • ‘No network’ reason
          • reason 1 if new watch gps CityCell register. 
          • * PIN Code on SIM card (CytaVoda 1234), * No credit , * If new SIM Card Need activate ( on cytavoda call 1882 ) * Insert SIM CARD – Restart Gps-Watch, refresh
          •  ( Gps-Watch is communicate with CityCell-Eu application, data low internet connection )
          • reason 2 if watch it works before and now its not working.
          • * Check if SIM Card have remaining balance $$$. (Gps watch CityCell use GSM Low Data internet – to communicate with Application ) 
          • * Gps watch is Off / or Sim Card is out from GPS WATCH ( check history route regarding watch last 20 location )
          • *SIM Card –  changed from previously to new SIM Card different provider (operator)(GPS Watch CityCell is programing from default to work with one operator. In case you cange you GSM operator please contact /contact page or call CityCell Office / Help Line –  and a technician will help you.
          • HELP LINE 24/7 go down \/


Tel:  – 25954499 – 99086605
Email: / /


Address Main Office: Griva Digeni 86A Limassol Cyprus 3101
Working Hours: 10:00 – 14:00
                            16:00 – 19:00

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How to program Gps Watch 

-HELP LINE 24/7-

If You Follow All Steps and you have Problem

Please Complete this form and explain about error you have

Our System Will Scan your connection and reconnect your watch with Server in couple of minutes.

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Home | GPS-Watch-info |Support-Help | Contact | Policy-Privacy