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How To Program Your Gps Watch CityCell

How To Program Your Gps Watch CityCell

How To Install SeTracker2 on Your Smartphone
Gps Watch Child is not Work
Setup Gps Watch Child

Read Manual Here

The GPS Watch Is working with

GPS, SIM Card GSM (internet – low data)

1- Make sure the GPS Watch have more than 50% battery



Step2: BUY NEW sim card with number. SoEasy Cyta is RECOMMENDED ! and for the low data GSM Watch Tracker is Perfect) ( All test work Perfect With Soeasy CytaVodafone)







Step3 :BEFORE you insert the SIM card in the Watch, please Take the NEW sim card and insert it into your phone to cancell the security pin code (default pin code cyta is “1234”)

Android: disable pin code;

Go Menu/Settings/General/Sim Card Lock/Turn Off

More Info About pin code Here

Step4: Activate the NEW SIM card. How to activate?; Call 1882(if sim card cyta) – Choose Language (and the card will be activate)


Step5: Make the first call from the NEW SIM card to see if it is working

If everything is ok you can take the card out and insert on GPS WATCH

Step6: Insert the new card in the watch

Some models to show how to insert the card.

Steps7:After the sim card is inserted in the watch you can make reboot for the watch (Restart-Hold Power Button)


Steps8: after restart check the Display to see the GSM signal and make phone call from your mobile to Watch Numer to

test. (Your Watch Sim Card Number is on the SIM Case Box) Example Cyta




Steps9:On Your Phone Download and install Application from Play Store: SeTracker2. Whith this Application you can Track and see the watch.

Now You Can Open Application

Follow The Image

SeTracker2 Install / Accept /Open / TryIt Now

Step10: Open Application SeTracker2 on your phone

And Register The new Watch.

You see behind of the watch the Registration Code


Step11: Go On Menu setting and Complete all steps

Add: Nickname (User),

Phone (Oner Mother or Father phone). Password (you password)

Chosse Area (For Cyprus is EUROPE and Africa)

You will need The User / Email / Password For LOG IN TO Application Later on !

Step12: Pleas Set Up / SOS number Watch, Voice Care , Sms Alert, Add Contact Watch, Edit Time/date Watch.etc And Check Location. You must have internet Wifi/or 3G/G4Data on your Phone to work.